Thank You For Supporting Mastic and Homes For Our Troops

If you submitted a redemption form for an applicable purchase through a Mastic promotion, you will receive a reloadable Mastic Rewards Card. Please follow these steps to start using your card:

  1. Activate your card. You will need your card number and the 3 digit CVN number from the back as well as the activation code that was emailed to you when your redemption was approved.
  2. Register your card. The registration process is used to identify the primary cardholder and is protected information. It is required in order for later funds to be added to your card. You will receive rewards from future redemptions more quickly this way and will not have to register your card again.
  3. Start using your Mastic Rewards Card! Submit a redemption form and invoices for future purchases and you may check your balance here at any time by selecting that option below.

Activate Card Register Card Check Balance